How it all started

How it all started

Welcome to the very first edition of the Sure Stories. Sure Laboratories takes you behind the scenes in our microbiological laboratory, the daily routines and the challenges we face.

Our crystal clear mission

We founded Sure Laboratories with a crystal-clear mission. We wanted to support SME companies who do not have the luxury of having microbiological expertise inhouse. We strive to be a partner for them and help them to conduct microbiology studies. We provide microbiological services such as routine analysis (quality control) for medical devices and related products, suitability testing of methods, qualification of processes or products.

Medicine and patient safety

Our first customer was up for a challenge and so were we! Ever since we started, quite a few projects and clients have chosen to work with us. One of the first studies we conducted, was a method suitability test for a multinational that supplies excipients for pharmaceuticals. The suitability test itself was not very difficult, sample preparation was a challenge though.

We managed to overcome this challenge together with the client. When changing the sample preparation procedure, the detection limit of the test was due to change, however, at first, we did not realize the potential effects. After finalizing a study or test, we always provide our customers with an extended report. We were asked to give an in-company training about microbiological testing and noticed that there was a mismatch between the validation method, its limit of detection and the final reporting in the company’s ERP system. We brought this to the attention of the Quality Assurance department and they are now able to review their production process in detail and, if necessary, take immediate action before releasing the final batches of their product.

Adding value to microbiological research

This is what makes our day and why we love our job: adding expertise and value to microbiological research, enabling our clients to focus on their core business: manufacture high quality and consumer safe products.

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