We work with numerous clients in the Life Science Industry and High Tech Food/Agro Industry. Our laboratory is a trusted partner for microbiological analysis.

Blue Clinics has been working with Sure Consultancy & Research for some time now. Blue Clinics tests the water quality in dental practices. The actual tests are carried out in the Sure laboratory. We are very satisfied with the speed, quality and most important accuracy with which they are delivered in a report. The lines are short at Sure Consultancy & Research, which ensures a pleasant cooperation. They are also very flexible and think proactively.
Jeske DielissenSales & Marketing Manager Blue Clinics
“Sure Consultancy & Research has been of great help during our research project by offering microbial analysis, sharing knowledge, actively participated in the research project and added value to discussions”
“Validation of processes in our clean room were successfully executed by Sure Consultancy & Research. We were happy to work with an independent laboratory that was eager to share knowledge and provide clear microbiological results”.
EMCMEuropean Medical Contract Manufacturing B.V
Clinical Cannabis Care prepares medicinal cannabis products and CBD products and Sure Laboratories supports us in the field of microbiological research, testing for the presence of microorganisms and GMP controls during the production of these preparations. This allows us to guarantee the quality of these pharmaceutical products from a production perspective as well as from the end product. The production environment and the final analyzes provide a validated microbiological confirmation of the quality as a whole.
CCCClinical Cannabis Care