Why we do what we do

Why we do what we do

Sure Laboratories takes you behind the scenes in our microbiological laboratory, the daily routines and the challenges we face.

Start with why

In this edition of Sure Stories, we like to share with you how we came y our philosophy. This philosophy is in our DNA and it is the reason why we do what we do.

It goes way back when I just started out as a laboratory conducting routine analysis and tests. As a start up, I was investigating what “quality” really meant to our clients. Our clients, SME’s (small & medium size enterprises), were asked what quality meant to them in their line of work.

ISO and GMP certificated lab

Over 85% of the people that took part in the conversation were not impressed by quality certificates. I was shocked, I had always thought this was very important and to be honest, I was a little anxious about getting my fairly new laboratory certified. How on earth was I going to pull that off?

Although quality performance is of importance to our clients, quality certificates such as ISO 13485:2016 and certificates of GMP compliance, are “the practice of law” so I learnt. What people found more important was communications and the willingness to share knowledge. They looked for a partner to be part of their teams and valued honesty in doing business. Even if the results of the tests executed did not turn out as they had hoped so they had to change their production process or the product.

Our lab’s philosophy

It got me thinking about our company philosophy. It seemed we did this naturally. We like to communicate straightforwardly and love to share the things we know. We’d rather be in touch with you than missing this one opportunity to help you out. As a start up at the time, this was a huge relief. We did not have to change anything! People were very much happy with our way of work. As the little one in the field of other lab giants (nope, no rats here!), we’ve kept this philosophy over the years as it is part of our DNA.

Putting the customer first

To this day I am pleased to hear my staff putting the customer fist. When they reach out, help and get results for clients, they do their absolute best to provide the best customer experience. As we are not a very large team, everyone knows the customer. This is what I had in mind when I first started Sure Laboratories. Just as we do, our customers put their customer first too. That’s why they do business with us.

Stay tuned for our next story. In these Stories I take you behind the scenes of our laboratory and my entrepreneurial journey. Follow our company page on LinkedIn so you don’t miss a single one. We also love to hear from you, drop us a line while you’re at it!

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