During these strange times when the world is fighting off the CoViD-19, we at Sure Laboratories continue to do our work.

Our work continues

As we can’t take our lab work home, we had to make some adjustments so our team can work safely. We made sure to have extra protective measures against transmission. As many businesses struggle, we are fortunate to have our customers keep providing us us samples for analyses. Bacteria and fungi don’t suddenly stop growing because we have the Coronavirus. Therefore, there are studies and research to be done, even during these hard times.

As our customers are vital for our safety and health, we continue to test their medical supplies and pharmaceuticals to make sure they can keep producing. We also provide research for development and optimization of new sterilization and disinfection methods. These studies are not Coronavirus related and for now Sure Laboratories focuses on bacteria and fungi.
We are dedicated to keep providing our customers reliable results. Now more than ever.

We, at team Sure Laboratories, hope you and yours stay safe and healthy!

Photo credits: © Kieboom Photography/Evelien Kieboom

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