2020 is almost over and what a year it has been with the pandemic being around. Still, we were able to grow our business, thanks to our team. Our team has now 7 people who are dedicated to help our clients with exciting new projects. We were also granted an Opium Exempt, joined the Legal Cannabis Coalition, were working on COVID-19 diagnostics and in the meanwhile, we were running our regular tests for clients and building our team.
2020 was disruptive on all accounts.

Sure Laboratories team: Get to know Peter

We like to introduce you to one of our new team members, Peter. Peter joined our team as an intern. After he graduated, he took the role of analyst. Now he is your guy for project management and planning. When he is off, he likes to play board games. Peter even moved to Helmond for his new job. We are happy to have him and the other team members, as Sure had an accelerated growth these past few months. Our team had to double down to get the work done and did an outstanding job, given the circumstances. Great work!
We would like to thank our clients for working with us and look forward continuing our partnership in 2021.

Best wishes to you all!
Stay safe!

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