We are pleased to announce that we are proud member of the Legal Cannabis Coalition (LCC). It is a unique collaboration between companies in the fields of plant cultivation, lab research, and regulatory affairs. Each of our members is an expert in its own market, ranging from building greenhouses and installing LED lights, to laboratory testing and registration of a new medicine. Combining these strengths and experiences, the Legal Cannabis Coalition can offer you a reliable and experienced one-stop shop for all your medicinal cannabis questions.

Quality control of cannabis products

As a part of the LCC, Sure Laboratories performs microbiological validation studies and quality control of cannabis products. All studies are executed according to an ISO 13485:2016 quality system, Cannabis regulations and according to EU-GMP principles. We are dedicated to help our customers provide safe cannabis products and shorten the time to market.

The LCC is based in the Netherlands, which is not a coincidence as we had one of the first national medicinal cannabis programs in the world, since 2001. We are a major innovator for recreational cannabis because of our well-known coffeeshops. Our goal is to share lessons learned to support the global legislation of medicinal cannabis.

Find out more at the Legal Cannabis Coalition website.

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