Summer vibes and bugs

Summer vibes and bugs

Summer vibes and bugs

Sure Laboratories takes you behind the scenes in our microbiological laboratory, the daily routines and the challenges we face.

Summer vibes and..bugs?

Can you feel it? Summer is here at last!
The sun shines and we have plenty of time to reflect about the past and dream about the future. Reading a book that inspires you, getting your tan at the beach or hiking in nature, whatever is quality time for you.

Our little micro bacteria friends

Sure Laboratories team members like to relax too… Although it requires us to be creative with our time, as our day to day routines and clients still need to be managed. For me, quality time is spending time with loved ones and friends in France.

While traveling around the globe or just to your favorite all time spot: happy summer and…beware of bugs and our little micro bacteria friends!

They are sneaky tiny ones that creep into your food and tap water if you don’t pay attention. As a BBQ-fan I like a good roast and I always use two plates while preparing meat and fish. One platter for the raw, another for when it’s cooked and done. As with tap water abroad: make sure it is safe to drink or you’ll end up, well, you know what I mean…
And don’t bring flowers or plants home from abroad, because of our tiny bug friends that are on them. They are not used to living in Holland and our ecosystem is precious after all!

Just a little advise to accommodate your vacation, you know, the microbiologist still obviously around, even if he’s on vacay. Well, that said, it’s time to pick up my book and vacay mode is on! For Sure.

Happy summer to you all, speak soon!

Stay tuned for our next story. In these Stories I take you behind the scenes of our laboratory and my entrepreneurial journey. Follow our company page on LinkedIn so you don’t miss a single one. We also love to hear from you, drop us a line while you’re at it!

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