GMP license micro bio lab

GMP license granted

GMP license granted

After a relaxing summer break, Sure Laboratories is heading towards the end of the year. We had a very exciting start after the summer holidays. First of all, Sure Laboratories had to prepare for a surveillance audit (ISO 13485:2016). The preparation for such audit includes a review of management data from the past year. Keeping up with the expectations of quality guidelines is a choice – or rather – a way of life when operating in a heavy regulated market such as medical devices and the life science industry. At Sure Laboratories we work according to these standards for quality assurance. Also, for industries, meeting regulation (such as EU-GMP regulations) is a must.

Adding expertise and value to microbiology

Although writing reviews is not the best part of my job, the review revealed useful information for the continuous improvement and management of Sure Laboratories. Moreover, the audit itself was successful and also proved to be an eyeopener that made us decide to go dive in our business planning! As a result of the surveillance audit, we are now working on a new business plan for the years ahead. As an entrepreneur you never have a dull moment. You keep looking for the best solution and service for the client. That’s part of the way we do business and why client choose to work with us. This is what makes our day and why we love our job: adding expertise and value to microbiological research, enabling our clients to focus on their core business: manufacture high quality and consumer safe products.

Some very exciting news

Sure Laboratories will be granted a GMP license since we have passed a GMP inspection. We are very excited to broaden our customer portfolio. We’ll keep you posted!

What else is new at our Lab?

Well, we are working alongside fellow laboratories and research companies to start new collaboration in the field of analytical release testing and disinfection projects. We are looking forward to share more of these new developments in upcoming Stories.

GMP certified lab

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