Who we are

Sure Laboratories is an independent, young and well experienced microbiological laboratory based in the Brainport Region Eindhoven, close to Pivot Park, Brightlands campuses, the Antwerp region and Germany.

We are dedicated to microbiological analysis to support our customers in the Life Science Industry and High Tech Food/Agro Industry. It is our mission to accelerate your R&D and QC processes, using short communication lines with a high level of microbiological knowledge. All work is executed according to a ISO 13485:2016 quality system and the EU-GMP principles.

We can set up reliable microbiological studies and protocols and pursue short delivery times as time is sometimes money and time might be crucial in quality planning and risk control. We also acknowledge that communication is key to a successful partnership.

Sure Laboratories is your go-to service-laboratory and provides you:
  • Routine analyses for Medical Devices, Personal Care products and Pharmaceuticals
  • Validation, qualification of products and processes
  • Suitability testing of microbiological methods
  • Project based research in favor of R&D projects such as development and optimization of new sterilization and disinfection methods
  • Microbiological monitoring of clean rooms.

Sure Laboratories is a trusted partner for microbiological analysis. Our core competencies are expertise, reliability and partnership. The experts from Sure Laboratories are dedicated to provide our customers with cutting edge technical support and high throughput for routine analysis with less turnaround time.

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“Validation of processes in our clean room were successfully executed by Sure Laboratories. We were happy to work with an independent laboratory that was eager to share knowledge and provide clear microbiological results”.